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Welcome to the Philippine American Society of Central Ohio's (PASCO) Website...

It is my honor to welcome you to our PASCO Website.  The Philippine American Society of Central Ohio or more commonly called PASCO by its members, was established in 1974 by a group of Filipinos and Americans in the Central Ohio area. These founding members realized the need for preserving the cultural heritage of the local Filipino community. By combining their ideas, talents and efforts thru this association, they were able to serve a larger number of Filipino residents and their families. Today, PASCO is the socio-civic association of over 400 Filipino, American and Filipino-American families. 

The objective of this association shall be: 
1. To provide and/or promote programs for the educational advancement of the members. 
2. To participate in activities and projects in the interest of the Filipino American community. 
3. To disseminate information about the Philippines and Filipino American experience[s] in the United States. 
4. To preserve and promote the Filipino social and cultural heritage. 

Philippines Promotional Video


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